Saturday, January 14, 2012


For the past year I can't stop obsessing  for the future.. And I made this post to see if there are other people like me ... I like to call all these constant thoughts that I am having tomorrowphobia... Let me explain

I am constantly making negatives thoughts regarding the future. For example that my knees will get worse and worse. That I will have a bilateral arthroplasty. That the arthroplasty will fail and I will be confined in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. That I will lose my work at home.. That my husband will get bored of me and leave me for another woman...That my children will go away as they grow and forget about their arthritic mom... That due to not exercising they way I really want (running) I'' ll get a stroke or something..

Even when I do something I still continue  thinking these stuff somewhere in the back of my head.. Even when I am out with friends having a drink, or with my kids having a good time. Even when I have sex with my husband..

As time passes these thoughts get stronger and stronger.. I believe that I am starting to get paranoid or something..I have never shared them with my husband or my kids and this might be one reason that they don't wear off..

Please tell me I am not the only one :(

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