Sunday, February 12, 2012

My current knee status

So here is a little info about my knees. About five years ago my left knee started to ache.. Not something special.  . In return I started to compensate by using use my other leg more. Until it started to ache as well. I then visited an orthopedician who told me that I probably have arthritis. Something that the MRIs confirmed.

 I was told that there is no real treatment. I started taking some drugs. Three years ago I had my first arthroscopy (left knee). It felt somehow better but only for a couple of months. Than I had a second to my  other knee.. And one year ago I had one again in the left.. So here I am with constant pain, writting this post.

My doctor has told me to be patient and wait until my sixties before having a bilateral total knee arthroplasty. He says it is better this way because if it fails too soon, the chances of failing again are high. And then the only alternative is a wheelchair...

I know it's better to wait..I want to wait..But this pain gets too tiring. It's constant.. Sometimes I can't get it anymore. Sometimes I even think of suicide. It's not that I can't handle the pain.. I am just too tired of being CONSTANTLY in pain..  If it wasn't for my supportive family and husband..who knows...

Provailen Review

This post is about Provailen, a new pain relief drug for arthritis sufferers that I have been taking for the past 4 months.

In the past 5 years I have taken all kind of drugs to deal with my arthritic pain. When my knees started to hurt aspirin would suffice. But as they deteriorated I moved to harder ones like ibuprofen and for a few months even vicodin. I have also had many hyaluronic acid injections and 3 arthroscopies, but the pain slowly but gradually gets worse and worse. It seems that every drug I take works for awhile and then I get used to it.. A few months ago a friend from an Osteoarthritis forum suggest me to try out Provailen. He told me that many had tried it and helped them a lot with pain relief.

So I ordered the one month supply and I am very glad I did ! After the tenth day I noticed a great reduction of pain as well as joint stiffness. This reduction was more noticeable during the night (24:00 - 00:03) when my pain becomes excruciating. The best thing with Provailen is that you can take it along with other drugs as well!

No the pain hasn't gone completely and of course my arthritis hasn't healed at all. But my pain is about 60 -70 % gone, and my knees are more flexible and less stiff. And the good thing is that my organism hasn't built any resistance to the drug. On the contrary I started with 2 pills per day and now 4 months later I only take 1 per day! As for side effects I haven't actually noticed any !

I am really happy with this drug and I highly suggest you to give it a try. Just order the one month supply from their WebSite and if you are happy with the results reorder! 

If you have any questions please leave a comment and I will reply as soon as possible!!